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What types of logo design are there and which of them is the most popular?

If you want to establish your business as an important player in its industry, you should always try to find the perfect logo that suits it. Not only does a logo help with branding, but it also makes a company memorable and easy to identify as well. This is why every company needs to have a unique, distinct logo. But what types of logo design are there and which one is the most popular?

Symbol or icon

This is one of the most popular types of logos and for a good reason. Not only is it really simple, but it also has an abstract image designed to be memorable and which was stylized in order to generate visual interest from the audience.

Companies like Apple and Mercedes Benz have this type of logo but the interesting thing about them is not only do they have their original logo, but they also come with different variants. If you want to establish a large business, this is the logo design to opt for as it’s easy to remember and it can easily generate a massive audience.




Emblems are more complex because they tend to add the name of the company within the design. They are a combination of images and words most of the time but there will be emblems which are text-only but very colorful. A good example here would be Harley-Davidson and Starbucks.



Combination mark

These logos usually include a wordmark and an icon. Basically, the icon is designed to make the company known and the brand name is placed under or near the image in order to further boost branding. Great examples here would be Sprint, Adidas and many others.



Letter marks

A latter mark logo is fully typographic. Most of the time these logos will include the company name through initials. The reason why companies opt for letter mark logos is because their brand name is too long, so having their initials instead of the full name is a lot easier to boost branding efforts. General Electric and Hewlett-Packard have letter mark logos.



Word marks

Just because having a letter based logo might not seem like a good idea, that doesn’t necessarily mean a logo created only out of letters is bad. On the contrary, some of the most important brands on the planet opt for a word mark, mainly because it’s really easy to identify. Of course, most companies that opt for word marks choose custom fonts as these will help make the brand more distinct. Sony, Facebook and Disney have word mark logos.



Which one is the most popular type of logo?

As we mentioned earlier, different types of logo design work for different companies. However, there are some logo types that do tend to be widely encountered out there. Symbols or icons, word marks and emblems are some of the most popular types of logos. They work well in both offline and online situations, they offer a very distinct look and the visuals are very impressive as well.

Of course, each company is free to choose its brand based on its message and power, but investing in a good logo design is crucial for them regardless of the industry. A powerful logo can generate lots of sales, it all comes down to finding the best one and using it properly!



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